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AutoTrip Excess Flow Valves

AutoTrip Excess Flow Valves

AutoTrip Excess Flow ValveAutoTrip Excess Flow Valve Offers Reliable Protection at a Low Price to Protect Your Home and Family.

You can now protect your home from deadly gas explosions and fire when a break or rupture occurs in the gas line from natural disasters including earthquakes, infrastructure failure, age, mayhem and abuse. An installed Excess Flow Valve is designed to activate and shut down the gas flow to a non hazardous level avoiding dangerous release of gas at a home. Once the line is repaired, the bypass flow provides automatic reset capability.

Many Jurisdictions require installation of excess flow valves at point of sale, new construction and with remodeling. Insurance companies support and recognize the value added protection to the homeowner and many of them offer size able discounts for installing these proactive gas safety valves.

The AutoTrip EFV is activated by the unrestricted flow of gas, resulting from a gas line rupture. This flow causes the valve to trip (shut down). The bypass flow feature restricts the gas flow to a safe level upon valve activation. Bypass flow provides automatic reset capability once the downstream gas piping has been repaired.

What is an Excess Flow Valve?

An excess flow valve is designed to shut off when the gas flow from a residence or commercial facility exceeds a preset flow rate. AutoTrip EFV are designed with simplicity and use the flow of natural gas as the sensing source. The most common cause of excessive gas flow is the rupture of service lines that can occur during the excavation process.

LFD Series – Meter/Branch ConnectorLFD Series – Meter/Branch Connector

Positioning of the valve must occur downstream from the meter. At this location, the valve is designed to protect against catastrophic failure at the gas main turn line. Smaller valves may be installed within a branch line that services internal appliances for further protection. They must be installed vertically, as the excess flow valves are gravity dependent and within a 5% variance.


AutoTrip EFV Benefits

  • Seismic Safety
  • Shut off the gas in your home’s gas piping if it breaks, reducing the chance of explosion and fire.
  • Automatically reset utilizing the bypass flow feature when gas line is repaired.
  • Adaptability to both propane and natural gas systems
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